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Guest post: HAPPY RELEASE DAY! Starstruck in Seattle (plus bumper giveaway)

Juliet Madison is celebrating the release of her third book with Escape Publishing, STARSTRUCK IN SEATTLE, a contemporary romance novella with a touch of magic (romagic).

SIScoverAspiring actress Anna Hilford might only have a small role in a leading television drama, but she longs to be dreamboat Karl Drake’s leading lady. Sick of being loveless and overlooked, Anna seeks the help of intuitive love coach, Lulu, from to give her the courage and determination to follow her destiny. But fate has different ideas, Lulu has undisclosed power, and Anna is about to realise that life happens while you’re busy making plans… 

Juliet tells us a little about how this book came to be…

“I got the idea for this story when Sleepless in Seattle was on TV. I thought, instead of a call-in-radio show where people ask for advice, what if there was a website that specialised in helping people anonymously with their love dilemmas? So I thought up the idea for a Love Coach, but as I like to do in many of my stories, I decided to give it a slight magical twist, and gave the character of Lulu some other-worldly powers that help her to give destiny a shove in the right direction. But, as Lulu discovers, doing destiny’s work can be a pain in the wings, and may be more challenging than she thought. ”

BUY NOW: STARSTRUCK IN SEATTLE is available worldwide and you can buy it from all ebook retailers, including:

Amazon / Amazon UK / iTunes iBookstore / B&N Nook / Kobo / Booktopia / JB Hi-Fi / Google Play / / All Romance ebooks

You can also add it to Goodreads here, and visit Juliet online at her website, blog, facebook, and twitter.

GIVEAWAY: Juliet is giving away four prize packs of ebooks from Escape Publishing until 10th October (20 ebooks in total)

Here’s what you could win. Enter one or all of them!

#1 Fun, Fast, & Fabulous novella pack:
Christmas Wishes, New year’s Kisses, and Valentine’s Dates by Rhian Cahill; I Dream of Johnny by Juliet Madison; The Virginity Mission by Cate Ellink; and Bonjour Cherie by Robin Thomas.
Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

#2 Escape from Reality pack: Fast Forward by Juliet Madison; Red Moon by M.A. Grant; Fish Out of Water by Ros Baxter; King Hall by Scarlett Dawn. Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

#3 Out and About pack:
Matilda’s Freedom by Téa Cooper; Getting Wild by Sarah Barrie; Swift Runs The Heart by Mary Brock Jones; Riding on Air by Maggie Gilbert; Dark Oil by Nora James.
Enter here:a Rafflecopter giveaway

#4 Emotional Rollercoaster pack: Forget Me Not by Nina Blake; Bound By Her Ring by Nicole Flockton; Her Man from Shilo by Robyn Richards; Finding Home by Lauren McKellar; Under The Hood by Juanita Kees. Enter here: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck, and happy reading!

Don’t forget to leave a message telling us what you think of Juliet’s new release! Don’t you just love that cover!

100th Sunday Snog


To celebrate the 100th Sunday Snog with the fabulous Victoria Blisse – we are donating to the Médecins Sans Frontières with every snog.  Here is a snog from my upcoming story CHASING TERPSICHORE!

Here we go…ENJOY!

Chasing TerpsichoreThe doorbell rang around eleven o’clock as James shut down his laptop, about to turn in. Who the hell is visiting at this time of night?

Peering through his peephole, he saw a woman. A woman he didn’t recognise. A gorgeous woman he didn’t recognise, who pressed his doorbell quite insistently.

“Okay, okay, I’m coming.”

He opened the door and the woman flung herself at him, throwing her arms around his neck and kissing him smack bang on the lips. Not just any old kiss either. Holy crap. Sparks flew from the first fiery touch of her soft, but demanding, lips on his.

Who is this woman? 

Then again, his hormones said something else— who cares?

The softness of her lips belied the intoxicating power of her taste, mixed with the heady scent of her skin. His senses were overloaded as the woman snaked her fingers into his hair and she drew nearer to his body, pressing her breasts so close he could feel the outline of her taut nipples.

Somehow reality kicked in. What in God’s name am I doing kissing a strange woman? Reluctantly he withdrew, placing his hands on her shoulders to steady her as he pushed her away, his breathing as rapid as a freight train. “Okay, you have my attention now.” She opened her eyes and looked up into his face.

Aquamarine eyes, the colour of the Aegean. No, it can’t be.

Afraid he knew the answer already, he asked anyway. “Care to tell me who you are and what you’re doing here?”

She smiled. “Don’t you recognise me, James?” Pouting, she placed her hand dramatically over her chest. “I’m deeply wounded.”

He laughed. Somehow he thought her ego could take it. She looked more like the cat who swallowed the cream than a wounded one. Still, he couldn’t believe this beautiful woman before him was the self-same, pole dancing, tango teacher he’d met that afternoon. She definitely cleaned up well, and his tightening pants could certainly attest to that. “Miss Olympia? I didn’t recognise you. You look different.”

Picking up his hand, she turned it over before tracing his heart line with her index finger. “It’s Corey, and aren’t you going to invite me in?”

He stood back to let her through. “Sure, come in.” Warning bells rang loudly in his head, but he ignored them as she sauntered past him, her hips swaying seductively as she made her way to his couch. What does she want? He’d already decided she wasn’t his type, although she did look better in her surprisingly conservative clothes. With her high–collared white shirt buttoned all the way up to the top and a colourful skirt swishing and swirling around her ankles, no skin showed at all. Yet she still managed to look enticingly sexy. The biggest surprise was her hair. He’d known the blonde mop was a wig, but he never would had guessed at the crowning glory under it. Her hair was magnificent with those amazing red curls flowing way past her shoulders. His hands itched to touch it and feel the softness between his fingers.

Geez, he needed to get a grip.

“Nice place you have here, James.” she said.  She smiled while making herself at home on his couch, and spreading her arms languorously over the top of it.

He stared at the gorgeous body sitting next to him on his couch. She confounded him and he asked himself again—why is she here?  “Is there a problem with the charges? The judge dropped them didn’t he?”

“No problems at all. In fact, that’s why I’m here. To thank you.” Her green eyes twinkled. “I’d be in real trouble if not for your help. I am deeply in your debt.”

Remembering the heat of that kiss, he shifted from one foot to another. “Consider me thanked.”

She lifted her eyebrows and smiled again, a cute little dimple appearing on her cheek. “Oh no, James. I am nowhere near finished thanking you yet.”

Chasing Terpsichore is coming soon!

Preorder: 13th September 2013  NOW for a 15% discount! 
Prerelease: 27th September 2013
General Release: 25th October 2013



All who leave a comment will go in the draw to win a $10 Amazon GC 🙂

And if you head on over to the other SNOGS you can win more prizes – plus read some gorgeous snogs!

Click HERE to find out all about it!


Please consider visiting Victoria Blisse’s Just Giving Page and donating to Médecins Sans Frontières so we can help these brave doctors kiss lots of boo-boos better.

Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is a worldwide movement. They deliver medical aid to the people who need it most, wherever they are. We’re hoping to make at least 100 pounds to contribute to their work. Here’s to many snogs and many donations which will help to make this world a better place.


The Writers Life: Interview with C A SZAREK

I have the great pleasure to welcome a good friend – C A SZAREK today on her COLLISION FORCE Blog Tour.

Her first romantic suspense story COLLISION FORCE was released by Total-e-bound recently and can I say – I’ve read it and it’s awesome! If you like believable and sympathetic characters mixed with a ton of suspense and tension – this is the book for you!  And it’s an ARe bestseller! 

I sent Chrissy some tough questions, but I have to say she was up for the challenge. So without further ado – take it away C A!


When did you first think about writing and what prompted you to submit your first ms?

I have always been a writer. Since I was very young. I always wanted to be published. I “got serious” about it a few years ago and joined a writing group, because I had no clue on the “hows” of getting published. Not sure what the final push toward publishing was for me, but I had stepped away from writing for a while. It was good to get back in and finish my book. I think that made me want it more.  🙂

How long does it take you to write a book?

So far each MS I have finished has been different for me. It’s taken literally years all the way to the one I just finished, which took about 3 months to write 70k.

Where do you start when you begin a book? Research, plotting, outline, or…?

I always start with an idea. Usually when my characters introduce themselves to me. Then I do research as needed. I don’t plot. I am a diehard pantser, I write by the seat of my pants. Sometimes I know where a scene is going, and sometimes I don’t have a clue. Sometimes my characters take things a direction that surprises me. Sometimes that’s awesome, and other times it’s frustrating.  But it’s always an adventure. 😉

Do you have a set schedule for writing or do you just fit it in where you can?

I write every day. Sometimes at lunch at work, so on those days I write two times, because I write best in the evenings from 6:00PM to about 8:30PM.

What can we expect from you in the future?

Chance Collision (Crossing Forces Book Two) can be considering “Coming Soon!” YAY! And Love’s Call (King’s Riders Book Two) which is my fantasy series published by Gypsy Shadow Publishing will be out in Late 2013 or early 2014.

I am working on a Christmas Novella that relates to the Crossing Forces world (YAY! If you liked Collision Force, you will LOVE this…*hint*)

And I will be working on book 3 soon.


C.A. is originally from Ohio, but got to Texas as soon as she could. She is married and has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.

She works with kids when she’s not writing.

She’s always wanted to be a writer and is overjoyed to share her stories with the world.

C.A. fantasy romance series, The King’s Riders book 1 is available Feb 2013 from Gypsy Shadow Publishing.

She is often on Facebook and twitter, and loves to hear from fans. You can also check out her blog. Drop her a line!



To BUY Collision Force : Click HERE

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