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Wham Bam Author Jam!

I’m excited to announce that I’m an attending author at the inaugural Wham Bam Author Jam in Christchurch New Zealand on 24th November 2018.  I’ve never been to New Zealand before and I’m every pleased to have this fabulous event as the reason to finally get me there!  I’m really looking forward to meeting the locals, plus all those who take the trouble to travel there!

Woo hoo!


My pre-order page is already up and running, but I plan to add a new book by the end of August so watch this space!

Preorders can be made HERE


I am so proud to announce that Calling Calliope is a finalist in the Australian Romance Reader Awards for 2014!  The winners will be announced during their convention in March.  Only ARRA members are eligible to vote.  If you’re a member, you can vote via a link that was sent to you by email.  Find out more about it HERE

Huge congratulations to all the nominees! I’m awe-struck!

If you want to find out what all the fuss is about go HERE to read the book!

2014 ARRA_author_MM_final

2014 ARRA finalist

Calling Calliope

Hi everyone!

Sorry I’ve been away for so long. It’s been a tough year so far, but hopefully that’s all behind me now. I have a new release soon and it’s already available for early download – so you don’t even have to wait!

It’s called Calling Calliope and it’s BOOK 2 in my MUSES ACROSS TIME series about the Greek Muses in modern time and getting into all kinds of trouble.

Here is the BLURB:

Can love survive across time and place?


When Callie is found wandering the streets of Melbourne, she has no memory of who she is. When a larger than life man appears, claiming he’s her husband, Callie immediately assumes they’re not together for a reason.

But a violent criminal is angry with her for hiding his family and plots revenge, so keeping this giant of a man around seems like it might be a good idea after all.

Gus might be a King in his own land, but this strange place is a different story. It took him six months to find his beloved Calliope and he is not leaving without her. Even if she can’t remember him.  Now that she’s in danger, the need to rescue her is greater, but the stubborn woman won’t believe him. To win her back he has to play it by callingcalliope_800her rules, or risk losing her forever.



And a quick snippet to peak your interest 😉

Oeagus was a descendant of Atlas, the son of Charon, a river god and the King of Thrace, but he still could not find his wife. Six months had passed since Calliope and her sisters had vanished from Mount Olympus and still no word. He believed it was all Hera’s doing, but he couldn’t prove that. Zeus was being very tight-lipped about the whole incident, but why he showed any loyalty to that wretched woman he would never know.

He closed his eyes and remembered her beautiful smile and sparkling eyes. He should have insisted she stay with him on his throne instead of traipsing around with those flighty sisters of hers, but in his heart he knew she would never agree to that. She lived for the arts and she adored telling those amazing stories to the courts. She’d always loved to be in the centre of the action so he understood her need to travel with her sisters. It had been part of the reason they had been separated when she’d disappeared. That and a certain, stupid argument. He wished she were here now so he could clear all that nonsense up, but she wasn’t, and he was beginning to despair of ever finding her. Terpsichore had been found in a strange land and had returned a changed woman. He wasn’t sure how that had happened, but he didn’t want to find Calliope too different from the woman he’d fallen in love with. Sure, she was a goddess, and as a goddess she exhibited certain expected behaviours, but when they were alone she was just a woman, and he a man, and he wanted that back again.

He sighed. Wishing for it wasn’t doing him any good. He was a man of action so he needed to do something himself. All the gold and all the spies in the land weren’t working and it was time for him to step up.

As he walked to the window, he stared out at his kingdom below. From where he stood, the view of the majestic mountains to the north reminded him of his father, Atlas. What would he make of this mess? To the south the Aegean Sea sparkled, the clear blue waters rippling as the large boats travelled into the harbour. In the courtyard below smoke billowed from where his slaves worked, forging weapons from stone over the many fires that burned there. The smells of the molten iron mixed with the aroma of baking bread from the kitchens.

He scanned the area, spying his servant. “Leonidis. Come.”

He paced the room while he waited for the tall servant to enter.

“How can I assist you, my King?”

“I need to speak to Eros. Send a messenger to collect him. Tell him it is of the utmost urgency.”

The servant hid a smile. “That will be easy, my King. He has just arrived in the palace and seeks audience with you.”

The tall blond god of love sauntered into the room. “What’s this, Gus? You’re psychic now? You’ve been spending time with my wife?”

Oeagus approached his friend and pulled him into a hug, slapping Eros on the back with his fist in the traditional greeting of warriors. “I’m pleased you are here, cousin. I need your help.”

“If it concerns Calliope then I have some news.”

“You’ve found her?”

“Yes, but…”

“No buts. We go and collect her at once.”

Eros held his hand up. “It is not as simple as that.”

“What do you mean? We go. We find her. We bring her back. What is there that is not simple?”

“Well for starters, she’s in the same land where I found Terpsichore.”

“Good. Corey can help us.”

“She is not in the same city, which is why it took me longer to find her.”

“So why is this a problem?”

“It wouldn’t be, except for the other problem.”

“Other problem? What problem is that? Is Calliope injured? Is she unwell? I will kill anyone who has touched her!”

“No, I believe she is quite well.”

Oeagus smashed his fist against the wall. “Then what is the problem?”

Eros flinched. “She has no memory of her life before arriving there. She doesn’t know who she is, or that she’s a goddess.”

“She will know me. I am her husband.”

Eros picked up a grape from the table then popped it in his mouth. “That’s the thing, my impatient friend. She doesn’t remember anything.”

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