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Do Superheroes Dress Up for Halloween? Special guest Kitty Bucholtz

Do Superheroes Dress Up for Halloween?

PrintI love a little bit of fun and a little bit of mysterious in a story. Even better when there’s a little bit of love. My favorite books for the last several years have been the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. He manages to get more than a little of all of those elements into his stories about a wizard living in Chicago.

When I started my Adventures of Lewis and Clarke series about a newlywed superhero couple and their friends, I hoped I’d have all of those things, too. The first book starts with Tori Lewis finding out that she has a super power. She’s just returned from her honeymoon and is freaking out about how she will explain this to her new husband, Joe Clarke. But she doesn’t know that Joe has secrets of his own.

This week I’m releasing a short story called “Superhero in Disguise” that is set on Halloween, the night Tori and Joe meet. I had so much fun writing it! It reminded me of growing up in Michigan (in the northern part of the United States) where autumn means fresh apple cider and hot cinnamon doughnuts and colorful leaves covering everything. And Halloween.

Even though I’ve lived all over the U.S., it wasn’t until I got a note from my editor asking me what Devil’s Night is that I began to understand how different all the regions in the States really are. After some research, I was astonished to find that Michigan is the only state with Devil’s Night. (What kind of people are we to think that annual petty vandalism is funny?!)

When I was back in Michigan this summer doing book signings for Unexpected Superhero (book one in the series), I drove around looking at everything I love and miss about that area. A single maple tree near my grandpa’s house was already turning red. A farmer’s market sold me some of my all-time favorite apples (Macintosh). And I stopped at a cider mill and bought fresh apple pie, hot cinnamon doughnuts, and cold hard cider (alcoholic version of apple cider). I love research!

I thought it would be fun to give away “Superhero in Disguise” to give people a taste of the Adventures of Lewis and Clarke series, so I set it as free on Smashwords where you can get it today. Over the next few days, you should also be able to download it for free from Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, Kobo, and others. On Amazon, it’s 99 cents for now, but I expect them to price-match it soon. (Meanwhile, you can download a free Kindle version on Smashwords.)

If you ask me, the best way to enjoy a Halloween-set book is to curl up in a comfy chair, wrapped in a fluffy blanket, drinking apple cider or hot chocolate. And it wouldn’t hurt if you had a bowl of miniature candy bars nearby—you know, to be ready for the little kids on Halloween night.

Kitty Bucholtz Author PhotoKitty Bucholtz grew up forty miles east of Traverse City, Michigan, the setting of most of her books. There she met and married the love of her life, John, and they struck out for parts unknown. Their adventures included going back to school, changing careers, and traveling Down Under. They spent a few years in Sydney where Kitty earned her Master of Arts in Creative Writing degree from University of Technology, Sydney, while John made a penguin named Mumble dance.

Check out Kitty’s other books, in print and ebook format, at your favorite online retailers. You can connect with Kitty by email, on Facebook, on Twitter, and at her web site.


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  1. Thanks for being my guest Kitty…and thanks for the fun post!

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